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The great part about travelling is the many different ways that you can travel – and back-packing is a travel style that we also do.

You should find lots of information about back packing – from the best gear to buy to the places to go – and some detailed planning schedules too.

nepal, himalaya, everest-406.jpg
Everest Basecamp Trek, Nepal - My 50th Birthday present to myself!

A month in Brazil maybe? Or Do you fancy Bolivia and Peru? Nepal? Lots of trips in here based on our travels which you can tap into to help you on our way.

Back-backing is just a fabulous way to spend longer times abroad that you can’t necessarily get to in your motorhome – or not unless you are in a 4×4 vehicle and also where there are visa issues with being a UK passport holder.

Its not that easy to get to Iran these days – and although it is possible to go to these more far flung places – all those kind of destination and trips are covered in our Adventure Travel part of the website.

back packing essentials

back packing journeys

back packing by continent - coming soon...

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