Motorhoming Country ESSENTIALS Library

We figured if you have your heart set on a destination, then it would be useful to put everything in one place for you to find. So we created this page just for you! 

Everything has been catalogued for you to browse easily. Simply click on the country of your choice and it will open up in a new browser window, allowing you to compare and jump between destinations on your web browser to help you make this decision.

On each Essentials page you will find:

  • A brief overview of the country
  • 16 key fast practical facts (currency, dialling code, wild camping status, LPG availability, Schengen member etc) 
  • Key driving rules (give way to the right, winter tyres, police fines etc)
  • Speed limits for under/over 3.5 tonnes
  • Mandatory driving equipment (warning triangles, reflective vests etc)
  • Local foods to sample
You will also have links to all the articles about that country – so hints and tricks, road trips, city visits, pictures and vlogs which relate to that particular country.  

If you think there is essential information that we should cover on these pages, simply drop us an email ( and we will look at including this as a standard entry on every Country Essentials page. 


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