Cooking delicious food in a motorhome

Food, glorious food . . . motorhome cooking at its best

We absolutely adore food – and cooking in the motorhome is something that has taken some getting used to. Just because we live in a motorhome, it does not mean we have to change the type of food we like to eat.

I have been used to a full kitchen with all the gadgets to help me cook up 5 course meals for 8 people, so downsizing so significantly to motorhome cooking has certainly been a challenge – for both of us.

Kitchen & Cooking Essentials

When cooking up a storm in the kitchen, there are certain things that you need to consider that you perhaps don’t think about when you are in a house. Our kitchen essentials are the articles written to help you get the most out of your motorhome cooking – and that could be outdoor essentials too – like BBQ’s and outdoor cooking!! Some items really are worth investing in – especially if you are living full time in your motorhome, campervan or caravan.

Our Motorhome Recipes

A self explanatory area of interest really – we give you the recipes to make easy meals in your motorhome, along with the food pictures, the equipment that you need and any adaptions that we have found we have had to make due to the space, storage or stove/oven challenges.

We are meat eaters – we make no apology for that. We have reduced our meat consumption from an environmental perspective, but we do still eat it – so you will find meat recipes in this section, as well as vegetarian and vegan. My daughter was a vegan for 2 years, so I have no problem making vegan meals, I just find it more challenging from a shopping perspective of examining every label to read the contents.

We are conscious of where our food comes from, whether it is ethically sourced, and always try foods of the region out and try and explore with cheaper meat cuts to see what we can do with them – again – this is more about waste and the challenge rather than anything else. Delicious food does not need to be expensive. 

You can search for articles or recipes using the simple search facility below. 

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