We are Angie & Damo, nomadic travellers. We decided to jack in the rat race and our jobs and spend time doing what we wanted to do to live, rather than doing a job to pay the mortgage or rent and bills. 

So we didOur home is literally where we park it! 

So – this is us – no more rat race anymore,. No more going into the office or into school to teach. We do our work in the van. I do my travel blogging and travel on my solo trips, whilst Damo is a composer and writes music for TV and for his business.  All we need is an internet connection and we are away. 




My short story summary is – kids leave home, pandemic hits, go into long lockdown as a singleton, have 6 solo trips cancelled, finally manage to book 6 weeks in Sicily, doing part work and part holiday. Decide to sell house whilst in Italy and buy a van to travel. That sounds a lot simpler that it actually was. 

Just before Sicily – I got instructed by my daughter to do some online dating. Enter the realms of ‘man shopping‘. On my way travelling around  Sicily, I decided to sell my house and buy a van. By the end of my trip wandering around the beautiful coast of Sicily, I arranged to meet up with a guy called Damian the day after I arrive back in the UK

Hi, I'm Angie
This is Damo


Damo goes into lockdown and realises that he needs an adventure. He has to cancel 3 trips. He tries online dating and eventually narrows down his search to the kind of person that he is really looking for.

And up pops ‘me’ travelling around Italy.. We discuss adventures and share ideas. My plans were more life changing that his own. His life needed to change. and now he had some ideas on what that change was that he needed. 


It kinda went pretty well – after 3 weeks, my dream of vanlife had extended to become our vanlife – so we went to look at a motorhome and bought it. Enter Freddy. And so here is our story of nomadic living in a motorhome.  

We found our way through the maze of fulltime motorhoming through trial and error. The posts that are written are to help you find your way too – we want to help you – it’s why you are here right? To find out a certain bit of information to help you on your journey. 

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Angie, Damo & Freddy


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