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photograph of 2 people -Angie and Damo

We are Angie & Damo, nomadic travellers and vanlifers.

We decided to jack in the rat race and create our journey of life rather than living a more conventional lifestyle, going to work to pay the mortgage or rent and our bills, stressed out and not necessarily enjoying our work!

We hatched a plan and now our home is literally where we park it!

So – this is us – no more rat race anymore. No more going into the office or into school to teach. That is not to say that we no longer work – we do – but on the things that we enjoy, on the things that do not bring in a steady income – that is a scary thing for a lot of people. 

For me (Angie) I spend a lot of my time writing articles and planning trips. Travel is my big love in life – after my children! At this point in time, I have travelled to around 70 countries – and with my life on the road – I expect that to start increasing. Not Quite North allows me to share all my/our experiences with you and my mum and kids know whats happening too! I still travel solo as well and I like to maintain that level of independence. 

Damo is a film maker (which is handy!) creating lots of the material for ‘Not Quite North’, and a composer (yes, we have a music studio in the moho!),, writing music for TV and corporate clients.

Follow us on our journey – share our knowledge, our lessons learned, our research and our experiences on Not Quite North – and if you bump into us – say hello – we would love to chat.


With so many opportunities and experiences waiting for us, there’s no need to let anything hold us back from living our best lives. Seize every moment. Travel as far and as much as you can.


Living in a van does have its challenges - but follow your passions and dreams, and know that there are no limits to what you can achieve. Take the courage and explore the world around you.


Experience the foods, savour the flavours, immerse in the culture, meet the locals and learn from them. Yes, you will come across adversity but you can do this. Drop the shackles and constraints that society dictates. Be free.

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