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Vanlife - whats it really like?

OK - lets get with reality and forget the Instagram vanlife pictures!

We give you everything we know about living life on the road. Sometimes the Instagram pictures can not even relay how wonderful life on the road can be - and other times - well, Instagram does not tell you how rubbish it can be!

You lose anchor points when living in a van – and you better make sure that you can live with your partner in a space which is smaller than a prison cell! Not put off yet …..


For us it took a bit of planning – from which motorhome/van/camper we wanted to buy, to how to get the money and what to do about work. Everything we have here is based on our experience and research that we have done in order to live the easiest possible life in a motorhome. 

We really want to help you get the most of nomadic life – so that’s what you will find here!

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