motorhome driving on a road winding through mountains

Adventure is calling!

It can be a little scary when you buy your first motorhome. How does everything work? What do I need to buy?

We have all been there! When you first get your motorhome, what was a dream is now a reality - and now you have to get it all sorted out with the right equipment.

It is daunting - we get that - so read on to help you work out what you need to do.

Everything we cover in this section are the things that we wished we knew when we started out. All the tips and tricks to help you motorhome with confidence – whether in the UK or abroad.

Don’t forget to check out our motorhome road trip planning section to help you get those first trips completed with ease. 

To boost your confidence and just to double check that you don’t forget anything, you can download our free checklists to help you on your way.

  • Buying a motorhome Checklist
  • Setting Off Checklist
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