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Sometimes a city break is easier than getting into the city in your motorhome . .

When you are travelling in your motorhome, it is more and more common to come across various low emission zones that you are not allowed to travel into without paying vast sums of money (depending on the type of motorhome that you are driving.

In the UK there is Bristol, London, Portsmouth, Bath, Birmingham, Glasgow. There are more on their way though – with the massive Manchester LEZ and the one in Edinburgh – and that is just this country.

 In Europe there is LEZs in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Athens, Rome – I could go on.  In order to drive into these zones – you need various cards in your windscreen – so sometimes a city break is just soooo much easier.

BUT – don’t think these city breaks will be slow and lazy – they are full of things to do, places to go and stuff to see! 


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