Visiting Rama Lake, Prozor

We visited Rama Lake on the recommendation of one of the guys that took us rafting in Konjic. He said that the lakes were beautiful and worth a trip down on the way to Mostar, which was our next visit. Read 24 hours in Konjic to learn more about that great place!

It is definitely worth stopping at.  The journey there was absolutely gorgeous. Every time we went round a corner, we were saying ‘Wow!’ it was a road of joy. We stopped twice – once for breakfast and once for coffee. And obviously a lot more to take pictures. Every view felt like it was ‘The View’ – until you went around the next bend! 


Spring, Summer


Kayak, Paddleboard, Fish, Swim, Chill!


Good roads

Rama Lakes, Prozor in Bosnia Herzegovina

Getting there

From Konjic, you will pretty much follow the E73 to Jablinica and then continue on the M16.2 and then once you get into Prozor, take the R418 until you get to Rama Lakes.

If you were just coming if for a visit from Croatia to see Mostar and Sarajevo, this would be a great place to stop. Leaving Split, you would be able to take in a night at Busko Blato lake, stop in Blidinje National Park, where there are some fantastic hikes and then up to Rama Lakes. After Rama Lakes, you could continue to Konjic, then Sarajevo, come back to Mostar and then drive back to Croatia to Dubrovnik. Amazing little road trip right there! 

Where to Stay

We stayed at a campsite here – although there are plenty of P4N places – I would say that they could be extremely tight turns for people that are less confident in driving their motorhomes!

Our original place was a P4N, which was near the Laguna Club. They were very steep and narrow roads. Our motorhome is 7.5m long with a couple of bikes on the back.  Once we got to the bottom to park, we decided there were nicer places to go, so moved along a single dirt track which, once we got near the top, had a crazy tight switch back to get back on to the R418 to go around to stay at Camping Franjusic. 

What a fabulous decision that turned out to be!

The lady who owned the campsite came out to greet us and talked nineteen to the dozen – in Bosnian – to tell us all about the facilities – which were fabulous. 

The campsite had 3 toilets, 3 lovely warm showers, a washing machine, a tumble drier, somewhere to wash your dishes, a place to hang all your clothes to dry (with pegs!) and when you parked up – which could be anywhere of your choosing – a nice cold beer or Bosnian coffee – we chose beer!

Price – 8 Euros.

Aerial Footage of rama lake, Prozor

These drone shots were mostly taken from the campsite. It was unbelievably beautiful and gives you a good idea of what you can expect around this stunning Bosnian Lake. You can see where we parked up! 

things to do around Rama Lakes, Prozor

This is a place which is great for a night or two (we stayed for 2) to relax and just drink in the beauty.  But if you could stay longer for sure!

If you have a paddleboard or kayak, you can take that out onto the lake from a floating platform. You can also swim from this platform – the lake is actually not freezing cold like the rivers Una and Neretva (which is where we went rafting in Konjic). 

There are plenty of places to cycle around the river, and if you don’t have your own cycles, there are bikes at the campsite that you can use. Free.  Hiking of course is also an option around the lake, as well as fishing. 

If you have time, of course you can visit this place for 4 or 5 days, quite comfortably. We met a lovely lady with her son and dog, who had been back for 3 years in a row, each time for 5 nights. 

There is a supermarket which is a 10 minute bike ride away (don’t forget that you can borrow them from the site if you use it – or a 30 minute walk if you don’t want to use bikes). 

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