The Dutch Tulip Fields

How to Visit the Dutch Tulip Fields in Netherlands

Our 4 day motorhome and campervan road trip to the Netherlands includes the ferry crossing from England to allow you to visit the beautiful Dutch tulip. We also have you covered if you are flying or catching the train. If you are working, you only need to take a Monday and Friday off of work to make this fabulous weekend happen. 

Spending a weekend amidst the breath-taking beauty of the Dutch Tulip Fields, particularly around the Keukenhof area, is an experience that encapsulates the essence of spring in the Netherlands. The Keukenhof Gardens, located in Lisse, serve as the vibrant heart of Holland’s tulip obsession, offering a spectacular display of colours and varieties that attract visitors from all corners of the globe. 

It is hard to tell when peak time is, because the flowers don’t run on a timetable! When the elements are right, then they start to bloom.

If you don’t own a campervan or motorhome and are looking to rent one for this road trip to the Netherlands, you can try this campervan and motorhome hire sharing site and browse what is available to hire. 

This weekend itinerary is designed to immerse you fully in the world of Holland’s Tulips, combining the structured beauty of Keukenhof Gardens with the sprawling natural tapestries of the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

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Fast Facts for Visiting the Tulips in Netherlands

Our easy to view fast facts for your visit to the Netherlands to see the Dutch Tulip Fields and Keukenhof Gardens.

When to Go

March - May is the flowering season of the Dutch tulips.

UK Ferry Ports

Newcastle, Hull, Harwich all ferry ports on the eastern coast of England.

Euro Tunnel

Catch the EuroStar from Euston in London to Amsterdam Central.

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Getting to the Netherlands

By Ferry: Depending on where you are coming from – Harwich, the Stena Line Ferry crossing is twice a day taking between 7 and 8 hours. From the north of England, you have the option of crossing from Hull overnight into Rotterdam for 11.5 hours. Finally, you can take the DFDS ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam, which is around 15 hours. 

Join the Camping and Caravan Club (CCC) and book ferry tickets using their booking service. You save significant amounts of money this way - sometimes hundreds of pounds.

By Plane: Catch a flight straight into Amsterdam International airport from where ever you are in the world!  The Keukenhof Gardens are a little less than 30 minutes away by car.

By Train: You can catch the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Amsterdam Central, which takes between 4 and 5 hours depending on the time of day.  You could even catch the train on a Friday at 6pm and leave Amsterdam again on Sunday at 6pm, making this a weekend trip! 

Road Trip in Netherlands for a Weekend

How to use our Map

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Dutch Tulips Visit in Netherlands - Day 1


The first stop on our road trip in Netherlands, is to stop at the world famous Keukenhof Gardens, which is in Lisse. Lisse is just south of the Dutch town of Harlem. 

Entrance is by ticket which you can buy online or at the gates. You will save a couple of euros by buying your entrance ticket online. You can also get your parking ticket online too at the same time. The cost for the parking is 10 euros and you are not able to stay overnight. 

The biggest and most important thing I would advise would be to purchase your ticket to Keukenhof Park in advance. Weekends and holidays get really busy - and it would be awful to arrive and not be able to get in.

Keukenhof is only open for 2 months of the year – from mid March until mid May, which is when the flowers are blooming. Because of this, it can get super crowded, so when the gates open at 8am, be there.  The best time to see the gardens are in April, when the flowers are in full bloom. 

You can only use card in Keukenhof Gardens, cash is not accepted, so bear this in mind when you go, as you may want coffee, food and to purchase at one of the many shops inside.  As a heads up – Keukenhof Gardens is just that, a perfectly manicured garden, with pristine beds, beautiful water features and the most gorgeous beds of glorious flowers. You will not see the fields of tulips. Those we save until the tomorrow. 

Pack up a picnic and take it with you to the Keukenhof Gardens. They have a designated picnic area near the boats, so you can eat comfortably there - or use one of the many restaurants that are in the grounds.


As one of the biggest gardens in the world, there are over 7000 bulbs in Keukenhof Gardens.  They actually start the planting in the autumn of the previous year.  You can easily spend the afternoon in the gardens as well. This weekend, is after all, about the tulip fields in Holland!

At Keukenhof Gardens, they have themed gardens. The themes change each year but they go along the lines of the ‘Red Romance Garden’ or the ‘Pink Tea’ garden.  In the Beatrix pavilllion, you can see the most beautiful orchid displays. They have a variety of displays which rotate through the gardens two month opening period.

You have the opportunity of climbing up the big windmill to view the fields of tulips that are beyond the river, or take a boat ride on the Whisper boat, although personally, as the boat sits so low, you don’t get the striking visuals of looking down on the fields beyond Keukenhof, but it is an enjoyable trip non the less. 


You are going to be in the area again tomorrow to explore the actual Dutch tulip fields, so the easiest and most relaxing way to spend the evening will be either tucked up in your motorhome, after a hard day of walking, or exploring the nearby town of Lisse. If you want to go wild, you could get an Uber into Amsterdam which is a 50 minute drive.  However, if you are thinking of driving into Amsterdam in your motorhome, just check out the congestion charges and what that means to you. The LEZ starts once you are inside the A10.

Our Dutch Tulips from Netherlands Pics

Dutch Tulips Visit in Netherlands - Day 2


In the morning, after a leisurely breakfast, take your bicycles out and explore the beautiful tulip fields of the area. I would be surprised if you have seen anything like it anywhere before! They are simply amazing. You will drive past fields on the way to Keukenhof, but getting close to them on a bike is just something a bit special, it really is.

You will experience an assault on your senses. The visual impact of these flowers, lined up like little colourful soldiers, row after row of them, with reds, yellows, purples and pinks and every colour in between. It is a festival for the eyes. The fragrant air hands around as you cycle past the millions of tulips and the sound. Or lack of it. Just you, the bike, the flowers in the breeze and some birds, singing their little chorus. A cycling ride really does give you a level of connection that you won’t feel as keenly if you are in your motorhome.

Cycling in the Netherlands is just so easy. It is ingrained in the Dutch culture. The whole country is geared around being able to cycle everywhere. You will have no problems in crossing roads or going around roundabouts, because you have the right of way. Bike rental can be found using the link below in our ‘Handy Hint’.

Rent a bike in Lisse and cycle around the Dutch Tulip fields for an extra special experience on your weekend road trip in Netherlands. You can rent the bike from the gardens themselves for a very good price too.


For the afternoon, take a trip to the nearby ‘The Tulip Experience’ which is just a 30 minute walk from Keukenhof Gardens. Drive there in 5 minutes and park your campervan or motorhome free of charge.

At The Tulip Experience, you can pick your own tulips, arrange a photo shoot (they provide the location, you get creative with the shots on your own camera).  You can visit the museum, watch a film about Dutch tulips in the cinema and shop. Its a great little place and a real family run business spanning 4 generations.


If you want to venture further afield, take a trip into Haarlem, which is a 30 minute drive away. It has a really vibrant town centre with plenty of bars and restaurants in it. We spent a couple of days in Haarlem, it was one of our favourite towns in the Netherlands.  You may wish to get closer to your ferry port if you are leaving on the early morning ferry but Haarlam is only just over an hours drive away. 

Of course, you may wish to get closer to your ferry port if you are leaving on the early morning ferry but Haarlam is only just over an hours drive away and its lovely to get a slightly different vibe at the end of your trip.

The ACSI Camping Card

If you plan to travel a lot in mainland Europe, it may be worth investing in an ACSI Camping Card, which gives you discounts on the prices of many campsites.  The discount is not accepted in most holiday seasons – so that would be July and August in most places and or Easter holidays. 

As long as your visit to the Dutch tulip fields are not in the Easter holidays, you should get a discount, but it is always best to check first. There are plenty of campsites and motorhome parking nearby.


Great Little Campsites (plus an app for your phone)

Think of this as the little sister of ACSI camping! They have over 1800 smaller campsites, often referred to as ‘mini camping’. These are smaller and more intimate places to stay and are checked every year to ensure their quality.  They may not accept the ACSI discount card though, so do check first.  The app can be downloaded on iPhone or android at the cost of 3 euros. 

The app can be downloaded on iPhone or android at the cost of 3 euros. 

Wild Camping in the Netherlands

Wild camping in the Netherlands is not allowed. The fine is up to 500 euros per person, so its pretty high up there in terms of cost.  So here are some options that you may want to think about. 

Camping in the Netherlands is made easy with the large amount of Campsites and Pitches that are available all over.  The prices vary depending on whether they are the more ‘holiday park’ style camping or they are more rustic, with places to empty waste and fill up with water.

If you have bicycles, it is very easy to base yourself at one campsite and then cycle from there to the places you wish to visit. The cycling paths in the Netherlands are just magnificent, and of course the land is very flat as well, so it is easy cycling. 

Of course there are spaces you can park up overnight in some of the municipalities in the Netherlands. Some provide specially marked spots for campervan and motorhome parking. They are more about wild parking that wild camping, but you can stay for a night before moving on.  

Are the Dutch Tulips Worth Visiting

Absolutely yes! It is just so beautiful to see so many flowers in bloom. Your weekend road trip in the Netherlands allows for spontaneous stops to wander among the flowers, capturing the essence of spring through the lens of your camera or the tranquility of a quiet moment. Cycling through the fields adds an intimate layer to your experience, offering a closer look at the meticulous care and tradition behind Holland’s tulip cultivation.

A weekend road trip to the Dutch Tulip Fields is a journey through the heart of Holland’s garden of tulips, offering a blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and the freedom of the open road. It’s an experience that captures the essence of the Netherlands, leaving you with memories of a landscape transformed by the colorful heralds of spring.

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