Motorhome Kitchen Accessories

These are the motorhome kitchen accessories that we wouldn't be without

There are no two ways about it – cooking in a motorhome is different from cooking in a kitchen in a house.  We thought long and hard about the motorhome kitchen accessories that we needed when we first bought our motorhome. After further experience in living, swapping and assessing what we were using whilst cooking in the motorhome, I am happy to share these items with you!

I can honestly say that the motorhome kitchen essentials have not changed a single bit after over 2 years fulltime living, Everyone of them we still have and use all the time. It can be hard to remember about practicality when you see things which are visually appealing and you just want them.

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What is different about cooking in a motorhome?

There are three key areas that are different about cooking in a motorhome than you would experience in your house. There is a fourth one that comes into play if you live off grid for the majority of the time, like we do. 

The Space for Actually Cooking in Your Motorhome Kitchen

There is very little space in a motorhome for cooking – so it pays to be super prepared and tidy as you cook. This in itself can be a challenge. You might need the board that covers the sink to be a board that you can chop on! Juggling three saucepans on a two gas burner requires a rethink on recipe creation.

The Space You Have to Store Equipment

You have to think very carefully about the cupboard space that you have to put your kitchen equipment in. We got rid of the microwave that we had to allow us more storage space for cooking gadgets, because that was important for us.

The Space You Have to Store Cupboard Staples

The final consideration is the cupboard space that you have to store food. If you think of how much space you have to store everything in a house vs what you have to store everything in the motorhome, the difference is massive. So literally every little space saving idea is an absolute godsend. 

Electricity Supply for Off-grid Living

If you are off-grid living in your motorhome or campervan, the electrical  motorhome kitchen accessories that you might use at home will be more difficult to power for any given periods of time unless you have the correct supplies to make this work. That would be your batteries, solar panel and inverter specs. Unless you have upgraded your motorhome, none of this is likely to come as standard. 

Foodie Living in Motorhomes

As a couple of foodies living fulltime in our motorhome, we love to go shopping at the local markets and try all the traditional foods that we can. Half the time we don’t even know what are are buying! It leads to some great experimentation. 

Our Top 5 Motorhome Kitchen Accessories

However, without further ado – lets look at what the motorhome kitchen accessories are when you are rustling up a meal in a motorhome! 

Stacking Saucepans

Of all our kitchen items, this is absolutely our number one on our list of essential motorhome kitchen accessories. The Tefal Ingenio do a fantastic range of stacking saucepans that all sit inside of each other. You pay a little more for them – but for a space saver, they can not be beaten.

The saucepan sets come in two different sized sets, which have clip on saucepan handles (the number depends on the size of the set). You can buy extras for the saucepan set from John Lewis as well – so spare handles, lids and steamers.

Tefal Ingenico Saucepans

Sharp Knife Set

Sharp knives appear at number 2 of our motorhome kitchen accessories because without a decent set of knives, surely your cooking is doomed! We carry  a small knife sharpener in the motorhome to make sure that the knives are up to the job after constant use but we are not including this in our list of motorhome kitchen accessory list.

In our motorhome we have a strong magnetic strip that holds them all to the wall. Some people think this is dangerous. It has never been an issue for us so far and it makes them convenient whilst cooking.

China Cups and Plates

We like to eat off proper china plates because we love food and the presentation is all part of that too. We got ours from John Lewis. The essentials range that John Lewis do for this particular set is excellent as they have a lip on them and stack nicely on top of each other. We have a plate rack in our motorhome, but if you didn’t they would stack nicely in each other with reduced rattles.  

The lip is part of what gets these plates onto our motorhome kitchen accessories essentials list.  If you make a good old fashioned pie and mash with gravy and are parked up on a bit of a slope, you might not notice the levelling so much, but your gravy will . . . We keep two of everything – large plates, side plate, pasta bowl, raman bowl, cereal bowl, mugs, and espresso cups and saucer.

China Plates

Pyrex glass bowls

We use these because they are multi-purpose. You can use them to mix anything – hot or cold. Want to put them over a saucepan of boiling water – yep. That’s fine. Want to make bread and leave it to rise. Yep. That’s fine too. Want to steam a pudding. Yep. No problem there either. Hot soup, store leftovers, the list is endless.

They are so versatile when it comes to cooking that they have to go on our motorhome kitchen accessories essential items list. 

They are so versatile when it comes to cooking that they have to go on our motorhome kitchen accessories essential items list. 


I toyed with this one making it onto our final list of essential motorhome kitchen accessories as it doesn’t come out on a daily basis. But what it does do is get used as a multi-purpose kitchen item. When you have a full sized kitchen with all the accessories you can shake a stick at, it is fine to have multiple items, but when you are living in a motorhome, each item should try to have more than one purpose.
We use it to grind coffee, make pate, blend soup, make smoothies, grind seeds for cereal toppers, make hummus, make sesame paste. It is a really useful bit of kit. It also has cup handles – and screw on lids – so you can store stuff in them – or ‘make and take’ your shake. You will need an inverter in your motorhome or van to run this if you are off-grid living, but as you only use it for short periods, the electricity drain is not too excessive. 

Our Final Thoughts on Motorhome Kitchen Essentials

It was easier than I thought to  pin down the top 5 motorhome kitchen accessory essentials.  As you have a relatively small selection of items to choose from and we have lived fulltime for a few years, we have already been through the process of chopping and changing what we hold in our motorhome.

Items that you might in your motorhome such as a BBQ or slow cookers have been excluded from our list. The BBQ we would class as a garage item and the slow cooked because of the amount of electricity a slow cooker would use unless you are on-site.  

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