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The best Motorhome Apps to Have On Your Phone

Even though you might be escaping from the digital world when you take off  in your motorhome or campervan, the one part of the digital world that can be incredibly useful is your mobile phone! Specifically the best motorhome apps that you can download to help support your travels and make your life easier! 

We take you through the best motorhome apps that we have on our phones, what they will do for you whilst you are road tripping in your motorhome.

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Motorhome and Travel Apps We Have on Our Phones

Motorhome App Park4Night

This is probably the holy grail of motorhome and campervan park ups! Its a great app which is used not only in the UK but Europe and further afield as well. You can use it to find places to park your motorhome or campervan pretty much anywhere you are. If you are heading to Rome, you can bet other people will have found places to park. People add reviews of their experiences too, so you can read several reviews to see if that is a place you would want to stay. Paid version gives you more information, and it is so cheap, I would say paying is worth it.

Motorhome App Search4Sites

Search for Sites is another useful motorhome app for finding campsites and places to stay, which are not wild parking. It operates on a 10 star rating for each of its sites with a fair amount of detail about each motorhome and camping stop-over.

What 3 Words

Motorhome App What3Words

What 3 Words are great for pinpointing locations that you want to find again. It works on the principle of mapping out a combination of 3 words for a space of 10m square. By applying these three words, you are able to navigate to a place easily and fairly precisely. It is great for sharing park up information accurately.

ASCI Camping

Motorhome App ASCI camping

ASCI Camping app is a great motorhome and campervan app when travelling around Europe out of the high season months of July and August. You do have to pay for it, but it gives you discounts on motorhome sites as you are doing road trips around Europe. The most popular countries of validity are France, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Navigation motorhome apps are very much a personal thing. There are loads of apps out there that are Sat Nav specific. We haven’t included any of those in this article. 

Google Maps

Motorhome App - Google Maps

We find Google maps is in the main, a great navigating tool for us whilst we are motorhoming. We have had a couple of hairy times, like getting taken to over 3000 metres over the Alps because a road had closed, but generally speaking it does it for us. Even going round towns which are quite a bit smaller, you can see if there are going to be issues, so just ignore it, and it will reroute you. And it is free! Waze is owned by Google, but unless people around you are using it, it is less reliable, so we recommend sticking to Google!

Mapy CZ

Motorhome App Mapy cz

We love this app for walking. It provides accurate walking maps for all around Europe. We used it for all of our walks in Montenegro, all around Yorkshire and for cycle rides in Austria. Its just a great app, which you can download the maps to read offline and can be relied on for great walks in any area. It hasn't worked in Türkiye - but of course most of Türkiye is Asia, so that could be why. We didn't test it in Nepal or India.

GPS Tracking Software

Motorhome App GPS Live

If you have a GPS system, it is likely that you will get a free app to go with it. Ours gives us great peace of mind, because at any given point in time, we can see where the van is (hopefully where we left it!), but also you are able to track back at routes and mileage too, which is nice.

Schengen Made Simple

Motorhome App - Schengen Simple

Having tried many apps to track the 90/180 day rule as a result of Brexit, the best motorhome app we found was Schengen Made Simple. It is much easier to use than some of the other apps and the dates do tally on it! And it is free to use! Fantastic.


Motorhome App My LPG

The My LPG Eu is one of the most useful motorhome and campervan apps when you are looking to find gas for your motorhome whilst on the road. Especially in the UK where LPG gas is becoming less available at pumps, this will give you the nearest LPG station, whether there is gas in stock and the last price that it cost. Add your own information to help keep it up to date for everyone.

Find My Car

Motorhome App - Find my Car

This type of app is especially useful when you are parking up in unfamiliar places and need to remember where you have parked your motorhome or camper! There is nothing worse than walking in vague rings trying to remember where you have parked the motorhome - especially as by the time you are going home, you are already tired from walking loads!

XE Currency Converter

Motorhome App - XE

This is a great app to have when helping you to understand the exchange rate of what you are buying to your local currency. As Brits, we obviously compare everything to sterling, but it doesn't really matter what your base currency is. This is an invaluable travel app as well as motorhome app.

Google Translate

Motorhome App - Google Translate

Google translate is a must have app which you can use on and off line because you can download the dictionary for offline use. We use it all the time when travelling abroad, and in Turkiye on our motorhoming road trip, it has been fantastic for having whole conversations with locals, which is so much more interesting. And yes, of course it is free!

Get Your Guide

Motorhome App Get Your Guide

We use this app all the time when we are travelling - both in the motorhome and when we are back packing. The app gives you lots of things to do in the area that you are visiting when you might want a guide or a specialised skill (like paragliding or hot air ballooning) which you are not able to do on your own.

Motorhome App Booking

This is our Go -To hotel booking app which we use for when we are backpacking and if we are doing a city break, where we are not able to get into the city because of emission zones or whatever. Often we use the app to find the hotel, then check if the prices are better if we go direct to the hotel website.

Sky Scanner

Motorhome App Skyscanner

Searching for flights, my 100% go to app is sky scanner. Its such a great app, its the one we book all our flights too when we are backpacking and also when the kids are coming out to see us. It is however always good to check direct on the airliners website to see if flights are cheaper (like on The prices that Skyscanner give will be the prices that include no checked baggage if the likes of Easy Jet come up cheapest - so be warned!

Polar Steps

Motorhome App Polar Steps

This is a great way to keep family and friends up to date with your travels and also follow other peoples travels too. Its like a digital journal, which you can have switched on all the time, so it will pick up your travel stops as you go, which makes it very easy to keep track of all the stops you do. A great way to get all your photos online for all to view - especially for those that are not social media users.

Work Away

Motorhome App Workaway

Work Away is a good app when you are into slow travel. Slow travel allows you to get a little more involved in communities and spend time with families or on projects in exchange for free park ups and water etc. Often it is people seeking for a trade - i.e they are building some off grid project and want people to help out building it, so a couple of hours a day for your park up and the rest of the day is yours. You can get some rogues - so be sure to facetime them or chat on Teams or Zoom. Honest people don't mind.

Travel Spend

Motorhome Apps Travel Spend

A really easy way to track all of your spends and to cost out your road trip travels. This is something that we are a bit rubbish at, but this app does make it so much easier to do. That way we know where our money is going. It is just like your banking app - only travel related. A great little app which is simple to use.

France Passion

Mobile Apps France Passion

France Passion is a fantastic app to use when you are traveling around France and want to get off the beaten path, staying with French winegrowers, farmers and tradesmen/women. You need to be self sufficient with regards to water/electricity and waste - it is not a replacement Aires or campsite. 33 euros will get you a years membership and some great experiences. We love this site for the authentic experiences and because we love chatting with the hosts!

Google Earth

Motorhome App Workaway

Google Earth is used to validate any wild camping spots that we have found on Google maps. Most of the time Google maps is fine for what we need, but Google Earth give us a whole level more details that can be used in some cases. We found in Turkiye that Google maps wasn't detailed enough in lots of wilder spots, but Google Earth works really well.

Express VPN

Motorhome App Express VPN

Express VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a useful travelling and motorhome app. It is used to protect your privacy, encrypting everything you send and receive over the airways. Sometimes when you are road tripping in Europe in your motorhome, and you want to watch something on Netflix or BBC iPlayer, it will say 'Not available in your area' or something like that. By using a VPN it will think that you are back in the UK and allow you to view. Always set this up in your home country first as you might not be able to activate it in other countries.

Battery Monitoring App (We use Fogstar)

Motorhome App Fogstar Batteries

Battery monitoring apps are great for keeping track of how your batteries are coping with whatever you are throwing at them, especially when you are wild camping or off-grid quite a lot. Previously we used a Victron app, which was to go with our MPPT, but now we have a Fogstar app to monitor our batteries as we replaced our AGM for lithium.

Our Top Motorhome and Camper Apps

All of these apps we have on our phones. Admittedly some are used more than others. We don’t tend to use the ACSI as much, but that is because we are fully set up for off grid living and in more unusual countries. Google Maps, Google Earth, Park4Nights, What3Words are used almost daily, if not daily! 

Now we are totally confident that we don’t need to worry about battery power, we don’t use the battery monitoring app as much, but when we had gel batteries, we used this app on a daily basis as well.  We left off a levelling app as we just use a glass of wine to tell us how level things are! 

Do you have apps that you think we have missed out or motorhome apps that you use all the time? Why not let us know and we can update our article to help more people! It would be great to hear from you.  

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