Camper Storage Ideas

The best Motorhome and camper storage ideas

When you are in your motorhome or camper for longer periods of time, the best camper storage ideas suddenly become really important to you! Questions like ‘How can I best pack my underwear into that small cupboard?’ become a bit of a challenge to you. 

If you are a sociable camper like we can be, it is embarrassing when you have to hope that nothing falls on a guests head when you open the games cupboard, or any other cupboard for that matter.  When you are long term living in  a small space, it means that storage solutions are a critical part of your life now and you will have an unusual fascination for anything that can help keep your van organised, practical and well presented without costing an arm and a leg or cluttering up your valuable space.  

So read on to find out what tips and tricks we have for you when it comes to maximising space with our motorhome and camper storage ideas.

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Best Camper Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

Motorhome kitchen storage ideas area something that we are constantly looking out for. Being foodies, we really enjoy cooking, it is a big part of our lives, so the way our motorhome kitchen functions is really important. So here are our top camper and motorhome kitchen storage ideas.

Stackable Pots and Pans

Tefal Ingenio Stacking Saucepans, Camper Kitchen storage idea

Stackable pots and pans are an absolute godsend when it comes to motorhome and camper storage ideas. It is the number one must have item I would say. There are many brands available, but we have the Tefal Ingenico.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder Camper Storage Ideas

We have a magnetic knife holder on the side of the kitchen which we really love. The knifes are easy to access, they use outside space but still look good and the magnetic holder is really strong, so you don't have to worry about knives flying off when you are driving. We have never had one fall in all our years of fulltime travel.

Under Table Wire Racking

These are great for our table and used to store our laptops in when we are not working. It keeps them out of sight but also very easy to access when you need them. We do have to move it if we put the bed down, but that happens so rarely, that these racks are worth it for us. We screwed some hooks into the underside of the table, so you don't get the metal bars on the top, which could be a bit ugly!

Collapsible Tupperwear Containers

Collapsible Tuperware Camper Storage Ideas

Love these. They are just great. Because they are silicone, you can use them to store things in the cupboards, store any left over food in to go in the fridge and take them straight out and put them in the microwave to heat up. And they squish down, saving so much space. A great camper storage idea.

Collapsible Colander

Collapsible Colander Camper Storage Ideas

Another silicone camper storage idea is these colanders which are collapsible - but also extend so you can hook it over your sink for hands free draining! You can get smaller collapsible colanders, which is actually what we use. So there are many varieties out there. Just go onto Amazon.

Collapsible Washing Up Bowl

Collapsible Washing Up Bowl

A collapsible washing up bowls with handles is another great purchase when looking at motorhome and camper storage ideas. If you check the measurements, it is also multi-purpose as you can use it for a washing basket too - for washing underwear and socks and t-shirt. We don't have this one as we have a big washing basket that is collapsible, so we can wash larger amounts of clothes.

Best Camper Storage Ideas for Food

The main thing to check when you are looking at motorhome and camper storage ideas is to ensure that the container/storage idea is food grade to keep your food safe and non-toxic.

Plastic Spice Pouches

These mason jar storage pouches are just excellent! We have probably close on 30 different spices in our van, so these are invaluable to us. Can you imagine what 30 different spice jars would look like and how much space they would take up? We have so many because we are foodies and always buy spices in the different countries that we visit!

Magnetic Spice Containers

These were our first spice containers which are just really cool. The only problem for us is that we need too many of them. For many motorhome and camper owners this would suffice, which is why I have included them on this list. The good things about these is that you could attach them to hang upside down under a kitchen cupboard to maximise even more space saved.

Stackable Storage Containers for Food Cupboards

storage containers for camper storage ideas

Make your kitchen cupboards look like a game of Jenga! These are great kitchen motorhome storage ideas for anything that is dried. Oats, cereals, pasta, beans, lentils and even items like flour. Very practical and very very tidy. It makes opening the kitchen cupboards a pleasure.

Fridge Storage Racks

Fridge Storage for Camper Storage Ideas

Getting better storage in your fridge is always a good idea in a motorhome or camper. We have a full-size fridge in ours - and we still use these racks to make more space. It just makes everything so much easier to find - and stops all the wasted space - which we have loads of if we didn't have these.

Hanging Mesh Bags

Hanging Mesh Bags for Camper Food Storage Ideas

These are great little storage bags which can be used to hold a multitude of things - not just onions and garlic! You could store all your socks in one and hang off the back of the wardrobe door. Or perhaps shopping bags or tea towels. It just keeps everything super tidy and organised - and look good too.

Best Camper Storage Ideas for clothes

Working out the best motorhome and camper storage ideas for clothing is a never ending merry-go-round of experiments.  I will confess to having more clothes than Damo has, and therefor I do feel somewhat obliged to make the storage we have work so that I am no nicking all the cupboard space!

Collapsible Material Packing Boxes

collapsible clothes storage motorhome storage ideas

Because these are soft sided, this type of storage container for clothes is ideal as you can squish it into the openings of cupboards where it then will settle into its proper shape. It makes access easy too when you need to get them out. I label all of ours - socks, t-shirts, shorts etc so we can keep organised.

Hanging Shoe Rack

Hanging Shoe Rack - motorhome storage ideas

These are great to go in the wardrobe and can be used for shoes and jumpers. In one little segment you can get multiple pairs of flipflops and flat thong style sandals. Coats and bigger winter jumpers roll up nicely and slot in these holes.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes - camper storage ideas

Packing cubes are great for us as sometimes we go off to explore other regions of the world and either leave the van parked up, or if I go off exploring on my own to somewhere like Syria or Ethiopia. I use compression packing cubes when I travel as they are invaluable in getting everything into hand luggage!

Vacuum Storage Cases

vacuum packs motorhome storage ideas

Vacuum packs are great storage ideas when you are travelling to different climates or are travelling longer term. You can pack all your summer clothes into one of these and suck the air out with a pump. When you switch to a hotter environment - simply store winter clothes and coats and get the summer ones out. These are great to use. We have them in the motorhome!

Best Camper Storage Ideas for the bathroom

Command Hooks

Command Hooks motorhome storage ideas

Command hooks are invaluable when it comes to motorhome and camper storage ideas. They go on the back of doors for coats, on the back of the bathroom doors for towels, pretty much anywhere where you think you want to hang something. Make sure you get the heavy duty ones though to be sure, and make sure you clean the surface it is being stuck to thouroughly.

Hanging Shower Tray

shower rack motorhome storage ideas

Just a little lightweight something to hang in your shower room to hold things like razors and loofah pads or whatever it is you have in your shower. Don't weigh it down with too much stuff as it will start to look cluttered as well.

Shampoo and Conditioner Dispensers

Shampoo dispenser camper storage ideas

If you prefer something a little more permanent for your shower room, then these are great for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. You can get all sorts of variations for them, but I like the clean lines that this one has. This also allows you to buy in bigger bottles and decant, doing your bit for the planet too.

Best Camper Storage Ideas for General Use

Ikea Shelving

These little shelves from Ikea (that's where we got them - but I think they are available on Amazon) are great for wherever you can put them! We have them in the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom to store stuff. From books, plants, bedside drinks, they are fabulous. Paint them to match your motorhome or camper décor.

Cargo Netting

We have one of these in the bedroom, which we use to store cushions on at night time, and fleece blankets in the day. We change our fixed bed bedroom into a lounge area in the day with lots of cushions and subtle lighting, so it becomes a useable chill space. At night, we chuck the cushions in the netting and take down a couple of fleecy blankets when it is cold.

Foam Cup Holders

Foam cup holders camper storage ideas

If you want a bit of padding for your cups and glasses then this type of foam cup holder could be just the thing for you. Not only does it stop unnecessary rattles, breakages whilst travelling will be a thing of the past.

TV Remote Control Holder

TV Control holder motorhome storage ideas

Now this one is small and useful. Damo was forever shoving the remote down the side of the bed, with the risk being of course that it falls into the garage. So these are great for storing the remote in and possibly sticking your glasses in after night time reading.


Fluffy cushions camper storage ideas

This was my secret weapon! Take the inside of the cushion out and put clothes in it that don't need to be hung up. Potentially it can hold winter jumpers in the summer time and t-shirts in the winter time. It can also be used to store bulky coats and winter blankets. It took ages for Damo to discover that I had found a solution for our clothes storage!

Our Final Thoughts on Motorhome and Camper Storage Ideas

Storage is so important when you live in a small space, but you don’t want everything to end up being cluttered and forever moving things about as you try and live day to day in the small space you have. Our motorhome and camper storage ideas should help you go a long way into getting more organised!  

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