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A Road Trip In Europe?

A road trip in Europe is so exciting when you are visiting from the UK. It is a real feeling of ‘getting away’ and the diversity that you get in every way is just wonderful. From the alpine scenery in Switzerland and Austria to the sandy beaches of Spain and Portugal and the more unexplored countries that are less travelled.

Perhaps a road trip in Bosnia has been lurking in your mind or a foodie road trip in northern Italy. We have created lots of road trip itineraries based on our own travels.  We have travelled to these countries for many weeks to try and get under the skin of the place enabling us to pass that on to you. 

Download our Handy Road Trip Planner

Use our handy ready made PDF planner to help you plan your trip. We created a 9 day planner to use to plan a 1 week trip. Simply print out more copies for each week of your travels. Capture everything you need from your start and end points to where you will stay. There is space to write all the things you want to see and more. Plenty of room for jotting down notes as you plan too. 

1 Week/ 9 Day Road Trip Planner

*Road Trip Planner

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Rules of the Roads for Road Trips in Europe

If you have decided to take a road trip in Europe, then you can find all the handy tips and tricks for driving in that country here. From the speed limit, driving ages and drink driving laws to how to tackle the Turkish roundabouts (Turkey is partly in Europe and partly in Asia) and whether it is mandatory to carry a reflective vest or fire extinguisher in your motorhome or campervan. 

Planning a Road Trip in Europe?

If you are already sure of the country that you are heading for, then head to our destinations page, where you will find everything you need to know about that particular location. Think of our Destinations as a ‘hub of information’ about that country, so everything for your road trip in Europe should be covered, including the itinerary.

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