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Whether you are looking at a week, a month or 3 months away, maybe longer, you go through the same thought process when buying a motorhome. You are likely to have a focus on slightly different things – especially if you are fulltime in one of the more northerly hemisphere countries.


Living life on the road

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90/180 Schengen Travel Rules

Navigating the Schengen rules post-Brexit can be complex for UK travellers and motorhomers. This guide takes the mystery out of it and explains the visa requirements, stay durations, and border policies for hassle-free travel.

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Bosnia insurance papers

Motorhome Insurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

How we got our motorhome road insurance in bosnia Every time we tried to find out how to get our motorhome insurance for Bosnia Herzegovina the answers we always came back to was “Just get your van insurance on the border”. So, off we went to Bosnia Herzegovina after stopping

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motorhome in woods

Motorhome Security

Explore top motorhome security options to safeguard your home-on-wheels. From advanced alarms to practical strategies we have it mapped out to give you peace of mind.

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How Did We Do It?

If you want to hear our story of how we manage our fulltime motorhome life, look no further. We tell you how we became fulltime nomads living and travelling in our motorhome.  We are just ordinary folk – if we can do it – then so can  you! Read about how we started to live fulltime in our motorhome

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