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It can be a little scary when you buy your first motorhome. How does everything work? What do I need to buy? More importantly, what do I need to KNOW? 


The most important thing to remember is that everyone was new once. We cover all the essentials you need for starting out with your new motorhome. 

Essential Motorhoming

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Motorhome Security

Explore top motorhome security options to safeguard your home-on-wheels. From advanced alarms to practical strategies we have it mapped out to give you peace of mind.

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Motorhome Batteries

All About Leisure Batteries for Motorhomes

Understanding which motorhome leisure battery is right for you and how to calculate how much you use can be tricky. Our article gives you clear information to help you understand how to do this and what the price points are for each battery type.

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Wild Camping

Wild Camping Rules

Wild camping in a motorhome is an adventure which mixes freedom with comfort. As part of this is the responsibility we have to ensure we keep this privilege for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we tell you about best practice wild camping etiquette and how to prepare for it.

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To boost your confidence and just to double check that you don’t forget anything, you can download our free ‘Road Trip’ checklist to help you on your way. It covers everything you need to think about before you leave, including what you need to do at home!  

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Let us share our experience and knowledge to ease you into the wonderful life of motorhoming.

When we picked our motorhome up, 2 days before Christmas, we go hit by the biggest rain storm ever as we were driving from Suffolk to Norfolk. Roads were closed, visibility was dreadful and there was flooding in so many areas. We actually ended up spending our first night in the motorhome that night!! We pulled over, without a clue what we were doing, tucked into some cheese and wine we had bought on the way to picking Freddy up and finally went to bed with a blanket we had bought especially for Freddy! 

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