New to motorhoming

Are you new to motorhoming?

Are you a new motorhome ownere? Now you have the excitement of owning your own motorhome – or you may even have rented one to try and find out ‘what it is all about’. Well you have come to the right place.

We get it – there is so much to understand when you first purchase your new motorhome. There are so many questions to ask yourself. You have spent a bucket load of money and you have this wonderful home on wheels. 

What now? What do you do with it?

We have checklists, articles and guidance to help your first months

From buying your first motorhome to all the equipment that you need to have. 

  • Checklists to help make sure you don’t forget things as you start out.
  • We give you the information that gives you the confidence to help you get the best of your motorhome.
  • Find the best accessories to buy to ensure you are comfortable combining the motorhome essentials with some motorhome luxury. 
  • We travel and document our road trips – we do the planning and you do the fun.
  • Reviews on the every day essentials from generators to water carriers to help you make decisions.
  • Talking dirty – black waste and grey water – do you know what that means yet?!

We cover everything we have learnt – to help make your life easier and so that you don’t make as many mistakes – or the same ones that we did.

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Maybe you are a new fulltime motorhome lifer - we can help you too

We live in our motorhome full time, so we know some of the hardships that can be experienced in doing this. We also know all the joys of living in your motorhome full time  – because we do it!

We aim to cover all the areas that you need to help you to do this. Key areas for fulltimers (and wild campers) are:

  • Electricity & power
  • Water
  • Poo
  • Parkups

We have spent months coming to terms with all this! We were the new motorhomers that sold everything and tried to do ‘vanlife’. When we think back to our first months of being new to motorhoming and vanlife compared to where we are now – the difference is crazy!

When you live in your motorhome with another person – you live in a very compact space, sometimes for 24 hours a day and don’t get out. (Think UK winter, work and rain !) It certainly helps you with understanding a lot about the other person.

Some of the articles in this space are tongue in cheek and purposely humorous – because you need that to be able to live together in that small amount of space!  Most of our videos are in this space! 

The latest articles from the blog . . .