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For many, travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina may conjure up images of a war-torn country of the early 1990’s. What you don’t often read about is that visiting Bosnia will give you a really unique road trip experience, blending rich history, diverse cultures and  breath-taking beauty. And all of that comes at a budget friendly price.

If you need to know about ‘Driving in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ then our handy driving guide will tell you all you need to know about speed limits, mandatory requirements for driving, toll road information, even how to deal with police checks and the road conditions. 

This handy Bosnia & Herzegovina travel guide will give you all the practical and essential information that you need to help you prepare and plan for travelling to Bosnia.

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Key Fast Facts for Travelling to Bosnia & Herzegovina


Bosnian is the official language, but Croatian and Serbian is also spoken.


The BAM is internationally recognised although shortened to mark.


Not part of the Schengen - so can be used in the Schengen Shuffle dance now required!

Time Zone

Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the Central European Timezone, which is GMT +1.

ATM & Credit Cards

Cash is king but ATMs in the towns with 'menjacnica' (exchange office). CC payments in most shops/bars.

Plugs and Voltage

2 plug types - C (round pin) and F (earthed round pin). 230 standard voltage and 50 Hz.

Sim Cards

BH Telecom was the best coverage. Data in Bosnia is very expensive. We paid £20 every 4 days.


UK travellers need a passport. No Visa needed but 90 day limit.

Female Travel

Safe for female travellers, even at night time.


You will need a travel insurance policy for yourself - the GHIC will not cover you.

Motorhome Parking

Campsites are really cheap. Wild camping is prohibited but not enforced.

Bosnian Roads

They are OK. Main roads better than rural. Frequent police checks on minor roads

Best Travel Months

Shoulder seasons, it gets really hot in July and August.

LPG Available

Loads of places do LPG at the pumps in the petrol stations. Price around 1.2 BAM


Sarajevo International, Tuzla and Banja Luka (very small airports!)


You could be covered - check yours. We weren't. Insurance on the border.


Not essential - but nice to show appreciation (10%) . Free walking tours - you should tip!

Emergency Numbers

Dialing Code - +387 Police - 122
Medical - 124


Must be microchipped. Must have Rabies injection. Animal Health Certificate. Consult your vet as outside the EU.

Local Foods

Bosanski Lonac

Why Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great holiday destination for its mix of nature, history, and culture. The country has stunning landscapes, including mountains and rivers ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and rafting. You can even find beaches in Bosnia – they have very small stretch of coastline where you can visit Neum Beach where you can park right next to the sea. You’ll find a rich history reflected in the diverse architecture, from Ottoman-era structures to Austro-Hungarian buildings. Cities like Sarajevo and Mostar offer a glimpse into the country’s complex past and present.

The local cuisine is a highlight, with dishes like ćevapi (grilled meat) and burek (filled pastry) that blend Eastern and Mediterranean flavours. Coffee culture is also big here, perfect for relaxing in cafes. Despite past conflicts, Bosnia and Herzegovina is now a safe and welcoming place for tourists. It’s also quite affordable compared to many European destinations. Overall, it’s a unique spot that offers a lot of variety for travellers.

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When to Visit for your Bosnia Holiday

Bosnia and Herzegovina has micro climates – the south of the country is the Adriatic Sea (Bosnia has a tiny piece of coast line just 12 miles long with a coastal resort called Neum)  with the hot, dry summers and warmer winters. The north is mountainous and a little like being in the Alps – mild summers but cold winters. 

Spring in Bosnia

In springtime, the thaws set in, the snow melts and the days become longer and warmer. Spring would be late April, early May and June. Flowers are blossoming and the leaves are unfurling. The crowds have still not arrived, so its a really good time to visit. Nights are cold though, so you will need extra layers – but the cafe culture is still thriving.

Bosnia in Summer

Summer time brings hot days, big crowds and the need to book up in advance! Temperatures can hover for long periods of time at around 35 – 40 degrees. Its all about the outdoors in the summer. White water rafting, hiking, mountain climbing and kayaking on the wonderful rivers and lakes. 

In July and August, there is the Sarajevo film festival which has taken place for over 25 years. The UNESCO City of Film, Sarajevo, attracts local and international stars for this event!

Don’t forget that Bosnia shares the claim to the deepest canyon in Europe – and 2nd in the world – the Tara River Canyon.

Autumn in Bosnia

Autumn or fall in Bosnia will bring you warm sunny days, cooler nights, a little mist, draping over the  mountains – but less crowds.  If you enjoy hiking and mountain biking, its a perfect time to come, as the heat has gone from the day. It is also a great time to visit all the museums. In Sarajevo in November, there is the annual Jazz Festival which lasts for a week in various venues. 

Of course, with much of the country being forested, with splendid mountains as well, the leaves turn a spectacular colour, reminding me very much of England in the autumn. It is just beautiful. 

Bosnia in Winter

Winter season gives some great reasons why travelling to Bosnia is a great idea. Visiting Bosnia in the winter time means that you can get some awesome skiing in!  Around the hills of Sarajevo are ski resorts – this is after all, the country that hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984 which made Torvill and Dean’s Bolero ice skating dance the first ever straight sixes to be awarded by all judges!

Having such a melting pot of religions means that visiting Bosnia in winter time allows you to join in with the large winter festival, held to cater for the Catholics in the country, but also enjoyed by the Orthodox and Muslim Bosnians.

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Traditional Foods in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the food very much takes its base from the Turkish and Mediterranean food – having been under Otterman rule, I guess it is no great surprise. 

Being big food lovers, we had to put in a section on the local foods, of which we have tried them all. In Bosnia, you won’t get the fine dining of Italy or the fresh fish you can get in Croatia (although you do get the river fish in many areas of course) 


Being a vegetarian or vegan in Bosnia could prove to be more challenging that you would like – so be prepared for that. 


Cevapi are generally served in portions of 5 or 10. When I first used google translate for them it said the direct translation was Romanians. It is definitely not that. Cevapi are small kebabs served in soman – a Bosnian pitta bread with raw onions and a side dip of harissa and yogurt. EVERYONE eats them. ALL the time.
Burek – this is the marmite of Bosnian food – as in everyone loves it because it is a delicious meat, cheese or spinach filled pastries – but it is loaded with grease. It comes in spirals or long ‘sausage’ shaped pastry. Simply yum – but eat it fresh. These are common in Croatia and Turkey too – so you may already have tried them. My favourite was the meat one as the cheese in burek is often quite a sour cheese. 
Ustipci are all over Bosnia. They are kind of bread balls and served at breakfast time deep fried.  Often served with a sour cream or sour cream cheese, they are really moorish. We first tried them in Banja Luka, and they were definitely our favourite place to eat them. It was love at first taste and I am glad we tasted them very early on in our trip.
Bosanski Lonac is the traditional Bosnian stew of meat and vegetables prepared in a traditional way.  The meat and veg are layered and cooked forever to form a delicious stew. We had it for the first time in a bar in a tiny village in Una National Park – and it was just scrumptious!

Finally we bring you to a wonderful desert of Tufahija, which is an apple which is stuffed with walnuts and served with whipped cream and the sugar syrup that the apple was boiled with. Super sweet – it goes brilliantly at the end of the meal with a super strong and bitter Bosnian coffee.

Essential phrases for your Bosnia Travel

It is always useful to have a handful of core phrases to get by in the restaurants, cafe’s and when shopping. If you are taking a Bosnian holiday – speaking just these core words show a little respect for the people and the country. You will be rewarded with big smiles!


  • Hello – zdravo
  • Goodbye – dovidenja
  • Thank you – hvala ti (most people just say hvala)
  • The bill please – racun molim
  • Have a good day – ugodan dan
  • Have a good evening – dobro vece

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