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Whether you are looking at a week, a month or 3 months away, maybe longer, you go through the same thought process when buying a motorhome. You are likely to have a focus on slightly different things – especially if you are fulltime in one of the more northerly hemisphere countries.


Living life on the road

white van on brown dirt road

The Truth about Fulltime Vanlife

Living in a van with your partner combines freedom and challenges, and needs you both to be adaptable and work as a team. Its a minimalist lifestyle with reduced space… but you have the whole world as your garden!

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How Did We Do It?

If you want to hear our story of how we manage our fulltime motorhome life, look no further. We tell you how we became fulltime nomads living and travelling in our motorhome.  We are just ordinary folk – if we can do it – then so can  you! Read about how we started to live fulltime in our motorhome

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