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It can be overwhelming to navigate the world of  motorhoming  and nomadic living, but don’t worry, we’ve got all the resources you need to make your motorhome life much easier. 

Are you thinking of a big lifestyle change like fulltime motorhome living or perhaps buying your first motorhome? Or maybe you want to plan your first road trip or take a motorhoming holiday?  We have all the information on hand to help you get the most out of your motorhome holiday or road trip adventure and give your confidence a boost as well. 

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Road Trip Planning? visit our Travel destination hub first...

Road trip travels can take a lot of planning and research, so we decided to share our own road trip experiences and research in our Destinations Hub. It covers all the quick facts you need for travelling to that country for a road trip along with all the driving rules and regulations for taking your motorhome abroad for your exciting motorhome holiday adventure!


All of the mandatory driving equipment that you will need in each country is covered along with the  speed limits that will apply for you in a motorhome. From LPG availability to the general road conditions. We even show you the tools and methods we use to find the best wild camping park-ups.

Do you need a road trip adventure?

Using our own travel experiences we have created  some fantastic road trip itineraries for you to follow. Maybe our road trips will inspire you so that you can start planning your own! And of course you can download our handy Road Trip Planner to help you do that. Our road trip itineraries include the best places to visit and top things to see as well as off the beaten track destinations and activities. Basically we have done the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Buying a motorhome is one of the most expensive purchases you are likely to make after a house. And it can be daunting once you first get it. We get that, we have been there too!


Helping you to get the most out of your motorhome and road trip travels is our goal. We want to help you make your time on the road the best that it can be. By sharing our knowledge and experiences from our fulltime motorhome life and road trip travels, we aim to help you to build your confidence up so you can enjoy many, many more exciting motorhome adventures and road trip travels! 

Motorhome Driving Rules and Regulations by Country

We had to research the rules and regulations for all the countries that we visit, so we are sharing them with you in one place.  With all the speed limits, the drink driving rules, what to do for winter driving and more. 

Backpacking adventures

If travel is your love, then motorhoming and vanlife may simply not be enough. Backpacking enables you to travel further afield. We share how we make this happen whilst living in the motorhome fulltime. Read more about our backpacking adventures and stories along with all the tips and tricks to help you plan trips successfully.

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road trips and travel destinations planned for 2024

In January to March our motorhoming travels will take us to the coastal towns, villages and beaches of  Türkiye. An MOT on the motorhome means we have a  3,700km journey back to the UK. We have road trips to Spain and Morocco and solo trips to  Moldova, Ethiopia and Somaliland. Scandinavia is on the horizon but no solid road trip travel plan is in place at the moment! 

Who are we?

We are Angie & Damo and we have been travelling and living fulltime in our motorhome since 2020.

So we jacked in our jobs, sold all our stuff and off we went. With absolutely no idea what we were doing, it was mindboggling at first but we learned fast! We had to! 

The adventure travels that we did in 2023...

In 2023 we managed to visit France, Italy, Bosnia, Montenegro and some parts of Greece in Freddy, our motorhome.  We backpacked around South Asia; drove a tuk-tuk around Sri Lanka, travelled 4,200km around southern India and trekked in the Himalayas in Nepal. Sandwiched between this was a trip to Syria and a visit to Mauritania to ride the longest train in the world – the Iron Ore Train. 

You can follow our travels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. You can also email us if you want to ask questions or collaborate with us. 

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