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Whether you are looking at a week, a month or 3 months away, maybe longer, you go through the same thought process when buying a motorhome. You are likely to have a focus on slightly different things – especially if you are fulltime in one of the more northerly hemisphere countries.


Living life on the road

Motorhome Batteries

All About Leisure Batteries for Motorhomes

Understanding which motorhome leisure battery is right for you and how to calculate how much you use can be tricky. Our article gives you clear information to help you understand how to do this and what the price points are for each battery type.

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Wild Camping

Wild Camping Rules

Wild camping in a motorhome is an adventure which mixes freedom with comfort. As part of this is the responsibility we have to ensure we keep this privilege for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we tell you about best practice wild camping etiquette and how to prepare for it.

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Top Motorhome Office Tips

Fulltime in a motorhome can mean that you sometimes need your motorhome to work as your office as well. Understanding the equipment, power and space needs takes practice. Here’s what we did

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How Did We Do It?

If you want to hear our story of how we manage our fulltime motorhome life, look no further. We tell you how we became fulltime nomads living and travelling in our motorhome.  We are just ordinary folk – if we can do it – then so can  you! Read about how we started to live fulltime in our motorhome

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